Friday, June 20, 2008

She Speaks Day One

I am having a blast! What a wonderful group of ladies here. All 560 of 'em!

The Lord sat people next to each other that have connections they didn't even know about. One of my roomies sat next to a lady whose family founded the town my roomie is from. Another lady found out that she is friends with someone who is the in-law of one of the Proverbs 31 speakers.

Can you believe I had to ask for sweet tea!!?? This is North Carolina people! The sweet tea should have been on the table **before** the water. It got there finally. Thanks Pam :D

Lisa TerKeurst's talk was FABulous. I've never heard her speak in person before. Phenom!

I got some additional ideas for my book. In fact I think there are two series in my head now. Now if I can just get them on paper - well several pieces of paper.

I am rooming with the greatest group of ladies. We are an odd mix but we get along. It's like we've known each other forever. Sister friends I tell ya.

My peer critique group was heartening. There were just minor changes to my article. As soon as I get home I'll make the corrections. I'd do it here - IF the datastick wasn't still sticking in the USB port at the house. Good packing huh?

Publishing world here I come. Stepping out on faith -- being radical!

Gotta run. Need to be up at the crack 'o dawn!

Later Gators!

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