Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Completely Flawed Yet Forgiven Completely

Wow - what a title. What a concept! I'm talking about Lisa Whittle's book Behind Those Eyes that we've been studying for several weeks. All bold orange text are direct quotes from Lisa.

Lisa states "It's an absolute truth that we women, as people and as followers of Christ, are completely flawed and yet completely forgiven." Completely flawed. Yes that would be me. Completely forgiven. Praise God, that's me too. At the same time.

One year, the leader of a bible study I was in, made keepsake books for us. Each member had to write something positive about each of the other ladies in the group. She then had someone write these comments and verses in a wonderful scrapbook for us. As I read through the comments on each page, all I could think was, "Wow, is this what they see?" I was blown away. Much of what was written was probably really true. But much of what was not written was also true.

What things? Things like I've been in the pit. Many times. I've been in deep ones, shallow ones and wide ones. Heck, I've even dug the pit and leapt in with both feet and with eyes W I D E open.

I'm not perfect. No one is - except Jesus. It's good to know the good things about yourself. But it's also good to be aware of those rooms that we either need to unlock so Jesus can get in and make assessment of how much redecorating is needed or ones where we need to ask Him to please do some spring cleaning.

I don't mind being flawed. I mean I hate it in its truest sense because it's sin. However I don't mind it because it keeps me on my knees, pressed in to my LORD. Lisa expressed it so well when she said "For if there were no flaw, there would be no reason for forgiveness. And then we wouldn't get to see the awesome power of God miraculously at work in our lives." I'll just add a big AMEN!

Ladies, despite the sin I've been in, the pits I've sat in, the mud and muck I've been mired in, I'm forgiven. And guess what? You are too! Beth Moore often says no one has been in a bigger pit of sin. I often say "Ah sweet Beth, I'm just not so sure. I've lived me for 43 years. I'm not sure you can claim that one." Not that it's worth claiming anyway, other than to let people realize that God can forgive anything. Anything? Yes.

I'm reminded of the commercial where the lady is with her friends and they are admiring some decorating she's done. They're looking at the "do-it-yourself" book asking her if she did that. And she responds I did that, with this (referring to book). And then the conversation goes some thing like this.

"What about that?

" Yes that"

"And that?"


"Even that?"

"Even that!"

I imagine us asking Jesus if He can forgive that thing we did. And He says, "Yes I can forgive that."

"Well Lord, what about that? Surely you can't forgive me for that."

"Yes, I can forgive that too."

"And that ?" (referring Him to yet another major transgression)

"That too"

Saving the biggest, doosiest (yes I made that word up just now) sin for last, we think we've found something He can't forgive. So we gingerly point it out. And we whisper, "Lord, even that?"

Triumphantly, He holds out His nail ridden hands and bows His head towards His nail ridden feet and He boldly professes, "Even that!"

"Jesus Christ loves and forgives you without conditions. Period."

He forgives it all. Even that.

"While Satan would love for you to believe that you are to flawed and too unworthy of forgiveness, Jesus wants you to know that nothing could be farther from the truth."
Again I say, AMEN.

I leave you tonight with a song. I thought of it as soon as I saw the verse, Psalm 103:12. I knew I would include a video of it. Imagine my delight, seeing it referenced by Lisa in the study questions.

Listen and know that, yes, you are completely flawed. But moreover, you are forgiven completely.

Be sure to stop by Lelia's and read more insight on this chapter. You will surely be blessed, as is my prayer for you always.

"As far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us" Psalm 103:12


Leebird said...

I know the commercial of which you spoke! It used to get on my nerves, but now that I have received your analogy, I will use it as a reminder to thank the Lord for His vast forgiveness. Thanks! I love those mental monuments.

Lelia Chealey said...

Loved what you wrote here Mari...Ladies, despite the sin I've been in, the pits I've sat in, the mud and muck I've been mired in, I'm forgiven.

Thanks for the visual of that commercial...Home Depot I think. I'll think of your words next time I see that...they are wonderful!
Love ya,

Amy L Brooke said...

Thanks for the word picture here of Jesus saying yes to all the things that He can forgive. That resonates with me so much.

Thanks also for you sweet comment on my site.

Anonymous said...

I too really loved your word picture using that commercial. I am going to have to remember that!
May God bless you...

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I love your conversation with God over forgiving that, and that, and EVEN that. Isn't that how we sometimes feel. I believe many people who've yet to come to Christ are held back by that. I can't go to God until I'm clean. I can't go to God with THAT.

Our church motto is "come as you perfect people allowed." Now, isn't that the truth.

I love making up words also and I love your word "doosiest".
Sweet blessings.
Come see me sometime.