Thursday, April 29, 2010

Meet Kari Wolfe

Today I'd like to introduce you to fellow author, Kari Wolfe. Kari, like myself, is a busy women with a passion for the written word. So without further adieu, let's find out more about Kari :)

Kari Wolfe is a writer and a blogger at Imperfect Clarity ( in whatever time is left over from being a stay-at-home-mom to a very precocious and energetic three-year old.  She blogs on a number of topics including writing, book reviews, interviews, and setting and meeting goals. 

Currently, she is on a mission: to combine fiction writing articles with and articles on how she’s trying to live her life to the fullest and she’s going to bring you on that journey with her through her blog.


Kari, can you tell the readers who you are?

I am an amateur, a wannabe, a talker.  I can talk it up and shoot the sh!t with the best of them, but when it’s all said and done, I am a fake. 

But at least I’ll admit it.  A lot of people won’t admit it for many reasons: they're afraid of what people will think, afraid of what people will say, afraid of what they will do.  They're afraid of what they themselves have to do to be what they’ve said they want to be.

They’ve spent so much time building their house of cards--now they spend it being afraid of what’s going to happen when the cards fall.

Admitting I have this problem has been such a relief to me.  I don’t have to hide behind what I’ve told people I am.  I can admit--to you as well as myself--I have areas of my life I need to focus on and to work on.  This leaves me free to write whatever I want to write, whether it’s for publication or myself. 

I’m going on the journey of my life--to be the best “me” I can be.

Why should I care?

My own goal is to be the best that I can be.  My own desire with Imperfect Clarity is that like-minded people would join me on my journey--people who want to grow, change and achieve things they’ve wanted to do for a long time. 

It’s all about your mindset.  Currently, I have an amateur mindset.  Through my blog, my books and my writing practice, I am going to change that. 

My goal is to become more professional in my daily work and personal life.  I’ll tell you what I’m doing and working on; you can tell me what you're doing and working on--it’ll be a blast.  A conversation. 

What do readers and I get out of this?

If you're a beginning or an “intermediate” writer, you’ll get love and support from someone in your same basic boat.  You and I can work together to nourish ourselves.

As a published or an established writer, you can come cheer us on and share your own knowledge of how this all works. 

I hope ulitimately I provide you with inspiration to go out and to do your own thing, be it writing, dancing, running marathons, computer programming, teaching, or simply sitting back, enjoying what you have and working toward what you want out of your life.

I hope you’ll join me on my journey. 

What are your current projects?

Currently I am working on an ebook titled “The Art of Procrastination: A Writer’s Guide,” a weeklong course for the 2010 Muse Online Conference called “Write Like the Masters,” and a novel tentatively titled, “The House.”

“The Art of Procrastination: A Writer’s Guide” and “Write Like the Masters” will be offered for free on my website once they are finished.  I’m hoping “The Art of Procrastination” will be finished in early June and, of course, “Write Like the Masters” will not be available until after the 2010 Muse Conference.  You can read more about the class at and sign up for the conference at http://www.Themuseonlinewritersconference.Com/

I’m also excited to be guest posting for another blog twice a month.  Not gonna say which blog, only that it’s one I’ve been watching for a while.  I’m rather excited about it and if you keep an eye on my website--well, I’ll definitely have it linked!

You mentioned a novel?

My novel, “The House,” is about memories and learning to forgive yourself for things you have done in the past.  I mean, to REALLY forgive yourself.  As time goes on, it’s easy to leave the past behind you, but we need to learn from our mistakes, forgive ourselves and then move on with the knowledge that our past has taught us. 

This is something I am working on in my own life.  My past hasn’t been pretty and it’s HARD to forgive yourself for mistakes you’ve made that hurt other people. 

I’m getting ready to set and announce deadlines on my blog as to what I’m ready to dedicate myself to.

Kari would love to have you stop by and see her and her work at the following locations:

Imperfect Clarity:
This is my writing/life journey blog. My MAIN blog.


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kathy stemke said...

Nice to meet you, Kari. I love your honesty. I'm looking forward to your workshops and your book.

Katie Hines said...

Doesn't sound to me like you're a fake. Your honesty is refreshing.

Kari Wolfe said...

Thank you, Kathy! If you want to be notified when the workshops are available, feel free to sign up for my email newsletter :)

You'll also be notified when I have a new post up :) Currently, I'm working on a series on Resistance and I hope to have lots of great information for all of us!

Kari Wolfe said...

Katie, thank you :) Sometimes it's hard to be really honest about who we are and what we want--that's my goal. :) I want people to know where I'm coming from--and where I'm going and to join me on this ride! :)

Janet Ann Collins said...

I think Kari has learned to be an extremely honest person and her writing will probably help others learn the same thing.

Karen Cioffi said...

Wow, Kari, I didn't know you are presenting a week long workshop for the Muse Conference.

It's so nice to get to learn a bit more about you.

Mayra Calvani said...

Your conference class sounds like somthing I'd be interested in. Thanks for the fun and candid interview!

Dallas said...

I love your novel's theme of self-forgiveness. It is so important to be kind to yourself, so you can heal and grow. Keep up the great work!

Kari Wolfe said...

@Karen & Mayra, sure am and excited to be doing so! It'll be my 3rd Muse Conference--I pitched the idea to Lea during the second and she got back in touch with me and it's all a go! :) Sign up! I'd love to have both of you involved! :)

@Dallas, thank you--self-forgiveness really is a huge deal to me. I can give you a list of the really bad things I've done in my life that I still ache over, but at some point, you have to move on and just accept what happened. And LEARN FROM IT :) Forgiving yourself for making mistakes is something I'm not really good at, even though I know the necessity and importance of doing so :)

Sharon Ball said...

Boy can I relate to the need to forgive yourself. It's not easy, but so very important. Much like Kari, I want to be a professional writer and I'm inspired by her approach. Thanks, Mari, for having Kari as a guest today.