Sunday, March 3, 2013


I've been on an unintended blogging break. What can I say? Life got really crazy. Crazy hard. I have a monthly commitment to another blog that I love writing for. It was all I could do to keep that commitment each month. I let a lot of things go to deal with life. But doing so was a mistake of sorts.

I lost myself. I gave up so much. Some of what I gave up were outlets for me to get stuff off my chest and out of my head. Don't get me wrong. I pray and offload TONS to the Lord. That won't ever change. But I don't always listen. I don't always wait for those important instructions, such a green light or a red light.

I don't believe I was meant to disconnect from everything. God never gave a red light to everything. That was my decision. What I forgot is that life is still gonna happen. I need to still have my little corner, my stuff that makes me, me. I have to be nurtured too or I won't be any good at nurturing others. What an important ministry lesson. I was slow on the uptake with that but I've got it now. That's what counts. 

So I'm reclaiming, reconnecting. Not everything at once mind you. And some things I may never reconnect to. I'll see what God has to say. For the few of you who may still be checking here to see if I'm ever going to so anything else with this space, the answer is yes. This blog is a green light.

I am going to change the content. I hope y'all will be okay with that. I think you will be :) Look for new posts to be begin regularly next week. I want to start back slow so expect a post once a week. Once I get my oldest and her friend who's been living with us this school year graduated from 12th grade (May 30 woot! woot!) I'll have more free time to post more frequently. I'm only going to promise what I can deliver :) So March 11 is the "comeback" date.

I've really missed my morning room. I can't wait to share with you again. Until then, Be Blessed!!!


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