Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Oh the thanks we will give on Thankful Thursday! Welcome and thank you for joining Iris, yours truly and many other bloggy friends at Sting My Heart for more thanks!

Today I want to send up some thankful praises for my best friend, my husband.

First let me say that I am thankful that he first informed me that I was his best friend. I was in a period of great insecurity and that one statement just did wonders for me. I was shocked at his proclamation but oh how I cherished it. I do still. Thank You Lord for causing my husband to think me his best friend.

Thanks are also due him for hanging in there 7 years ago when our marriage was in complete shambles. Neither of us was blameless for the state the marriage was in. I am extremely thankful that God allowed us both to see the error of our ways and stick it out, through the "or worse" part. Thank you honey for not giving up on us. God willing, we'll celebrate 16 years of marriage this December.

I'm also thankful that he completed the entire three years of the Men's Fraternity bible study at church. He didn't just sit in the bible study. Oh no! He has applied the principles he learned to our marriage and his relationship with our two beauties. Thank you Lord!

While I mention bible study, let me also thank my honey for attending two years of marriage enrichment class with me at church. It was his idea! You could have sold me for a nickel. I didn't have to beg, plead or cajole. I think it might have had to do with stuff he learned in the first year of Men's Fraternity. We started year three last night. He told our group he was excited. How precious is that?!

I'm thankful he also did not just sit in marriage enrichment class. He has also applied what he learned there to our marriage. That was how I got to go to the She Speaks! conference this year. He learned this past year about how a husband should support his wife's dreams. My dream is to be a published author. I wanted to go to my first writer's conference. He happily agreed. (Note the word happily).

I thank my sweetie for his words of affirmation and encouragement this week. I feel loved above and beyond the usual.

Finally I am thankful my husband is traveling a new road with the Lord. I have seen the Lord call him into some places and roles that normally would be uncomfortable for him. But he's been obedient. And you know what? God has given him comfort in those things. They fit him like a glove. He seems truly happy.

This Thankful Thursday I have tears in my eyes because God has answered my prayers. Those many years ago when we decided to keep the marriage going, I prayed for God to make the grass greenest on this side. No matter how great anyone else's husband seemed, how green their "marriage grass" seemed, make mine greener in my eyes. Thank you Lord that as I look out over the landscape of our marriage and life together, I see the most wonderful, greenest grass ever!


Denise said...

May God forever sweetly bless you and your husband.

Angie said...

I first want to thank you for your encouraging note on my LWG post today! Second---I LOVED this post! AND you know---we may have sat right NEXT to each other at She Speaks and I just didn't know it! I LOVED that Conference and am planning on going next year! God has performed some mighty big miracles in our lives, marriage and family. The heart is where it starts.
Your blog post just blessed me over and over!
I appreciate your honesty.
God bless you!!

Serendipity said...

What a lovely thankful post! It is a blessing indeed to have a loving husband. Remain blessed!

Amy said...

Mari, I felt like I was reading about my own marriage as I read this post. (I am covered in goose pimples.)

After almost losing our marriage, we both know how precious it is....And after you weather the "storm," and survive, the thankfulness that follows the storm is overwhelming!

Like you, I am so thankful for God and my man. I love them so!

Thanks for sharing this story of yours; it is always so encouraging to hear stories of survival and love in marriages, amen?:)

On another note, I tagged you today for a meme, if you would like to play...No pressure, just fun!

God Bless,

Runner Mom said...

Hey, lady! What an awesome post! Isn't it great that our hubbyies are still our "bestest" friends in the whole wide world??

It is such an experience to watch your husband be obedient to God. Oh, how I love that!!

Y'all have a great weekend!
Love ya,