Saturday, April 11, 2009

An Untroubled Heart - Fashioned For Faith - Not Fear

Hi Everyone,

I know I missed posting for Yes to God Tuesday last week but I'm back this week. My fibromyalgia is in what I call a mini-flare so I'm operating under about 50% capacity. I didn't want to miss another week though of this wonderful study with Lelia. We are reading and studying Micca Campbell's An Untroubled Heart. Good stuff I tell you!

Well this week, I'm posting a bit differently. I'm in a reflective mood so I want you to come along for that journey. What I'm going to do is draw out the statements in each sub chapter that impacted me most and let you "chew on them" a bit. I've inserted a little commentary on some of the statements, cause I know you want to know what's going in my head. (teehee) And you get to imagine how my copy is highlighted in bright yellow! I know that's been your life dream HAHAHA. Leave me a comment if one touches you particularly.

**All the blue items are direct quotes from the book**

Under God's Sheltering Wing

"There is safety in God. "

"Safety is not found in doing nothing or living in a bubble. It's found under the sheltering wings of God."

"Just as it makes sense to shelter ourselves from the rain, it makes even more sense for us to take cover under the sheltering wings of God during life's storms. "

Micca referred to Psalm 91 in this section. How I love that Psalm. You must read it because it sums up these quotes so well! God always has a vacancy sign for us at His shelter!

Casting Your Cares

"We are to throw the cares that distract us, wound our bodies and souls, and lie heavily on our hearts upon the wise and gracious providence of God. You can do that because "he cares for you" (1 Peter 5:7).

"It's easy to cast my cares upon God. The hard part is not taking them back."
Mari says: Oh goodness I need a big huge AMEN here!! I'm way too good at the taking them back.

"At first, the weight is lifted, but oftentimes God doesn't respond to our need as we think He should. Then we are quick to retrieve the burden."
Mari says: Ahem, I resemble this statement far, far too often.

"In other words, what won't destroy us, God uses to better us."
Mari says: Like allowing my husband to be unemployed or underemployed for nearly three years to solidify our marriage and draw us deep into fellowship at our new church home in Raleigh.

"'s God's job to provide and it's my job to seek the Provider"

Who's In Control

"One of the hardest things to do is to give up control of our lives and trust someone other than ourselves.Placing the very thing that worries us most in God's hands is scary"
Mari says: Yes it is. Even though I know God is good and He really does love me and want what's best for me, I struggle with my flesh. I want it to turn out how *I* imagined it, thank you very much. And God usually has a whole different idea in mind. Hmph!

He's Got The Whole World In His Hands

"He poured the oceans from the palm of His hand!"
Mari says: Just think of the size of every ocean! And they fit in His palm!! WOW!!!

"Certainly, we can place our trust in a God so big that even the ocean waves obey their boundaries"

"I need to remind myself daily of His greatness. In doing so, all my fears tend to fade in the light of His presence."
Mari says: Really, doesn't the greatness of His presence just eclipse any fear you have? It does mine!

Genuine Faith
(A lot of wisdom packed into this tiny sub chapter)

"Faith is only as good as its object"

"It's not faith that moves mountains, anyway; it's God."
Mari says: I almost jumped out of my chair to shout at this one! Whew!

"Faith is not a principle of 'name it and claim it'. It's based on the person of Jesus Christ."
Mari says: I have often had discussions with my elder relatives about "name it and claim it". I claim Jesus. He handles all else. "Nuf said!

"Faith comes by knowing God."

"Genuine faith is not what you and I profess to believe, but in whom we believe."
Mari says: This reminds me of the "Got Milk" ads. I'd love to see one that says, 'Got Jesus? Got faith!'

Live Like You Believe
(I could have highlighted 90% of this sub chapter! Whew! i picked my "top statements" but please read this sub chapter with some intensity. It's that good!)

"The Bible is the best place to go to get to know God."
Mari says: I love the Word. I cannot even begin to explain the depths of it, but I **LOVE** the Word. God is in the Word. God breathed the Word. God is the Word. Need I say more?

"Satan is a liar"
Mari says: In case he told you he wasn't....he lied! That is all.

"Faith is standing on the firm foundation of Christ."
Mari says: And yes, He is "all that"!

"When Satan tries to pull concerns down over your eyes of faith, simply declare God's sufficiency and watch Satan's fear tactics go up in smoke."
Mari says: Did we mention that Satan is a liar? Yeah. Don't listen to him. Hear God and tell Satan to scatter!

"Worry is unnecessary when Our God is able and willing to bear our burdens for us. When you and I worry, we denying the wisdom, love and provision of God."
Mari says: Well Micca just stab me in the heart. I'm Mari and I am a worrier. I am in recovery. Thank you Micca for giving me what I need to know that I must not worry. I never want to deny God's power in my life or anyone else's.

Living Aware of His Presence

"...we are to be haunted not by the concerns of this world, but by God. Not in a scary way, but in a conscious way."

"I want to become so aware of God's abiding presence in my life that I fall asleep in His arms at night and awake to His presence in the morning."
Mari says: Me too Micca. Me too!

"Our fears and worries should drive us into the safety of God's arms"

"In God's loving care, our spirit is renewed, and we know for certain there is no safer place on earth."

"In every pressured situation, we can be certain that God will remain true."

And Mari says Amen!

If you do not have this book, get it. Really. Get it.

As always, be blessed and be sure to stop by Lelia's, our insightful bible study leader!


Runner Mom said...

Mari, this was awesome! I need to get Micca's book!!

Hope that y'all had a beautiful Easter! He is Risen!!

Love you!

Hope you are feeling better!!

Audra Krell said...

Hi Mari,
Praying for you to 100 percent soon. Thank you for speaking to the parts of the book that touched you. Oh, that the ocean can fit in the palm of His loving hand, is there anything more beautiful!

Pamela (His maidservant) said...

WOW. I am too busy to do this study but what great stuff you psted here. There was some statements I needed to hear, be reminded of. Thanks for sharing.

I do hope you are feeling better soon

Micca said...

Hi Mari,

Wow! I'm overwhelmed at how God is speaking to you through my book, and your excitment about it! It's're a woman after God's own heart. You want His best no matter what it takes. And that, my friend, is how you get it!

Because you are so excited and having a wonderful experience, can I ask a favor of you?
I'd be honored if you would write a review for my book on
Here is the link:

If you're not interested for any reason, that's fine. I understand. I plan to ask some of the other girls who are taking part in the bible study as well.

Live by faith; not fear,

conarnold said...

It was a special blessing to read this, Mari! I pray that you are feeling better now.

Sharon Ball said...

Mari, this sounds like such a good book. Thank you for sharing different pieces of it. Hope you're feeling better now. Blessing...