Monday, October 12, 2009

Filling Up The Gas Tank

I'm on vacation from work this week. O HAPPY WEEK!!!! Yes it was time for a vacation. Everything and almost everyone was getting on my nerves. So, I'm home relaxing this week.

Let's see how relaxing this week. I'm doing laundry and running the oldest beauty to choir practice because she has a concert this week that I'll attend. I'm participating in the Muse Online Writers Conference while also trying to get some work done on one of my two works in progress (this one is an eight lesson bible study). Oh, did I mention my youngest beauty is still on break from school and so I'm spending some time with her when she's not texting or playing Toontown. Oh yeah, I'm also trying to beat my oldest beauty's score in Cafe World on Facebook. Hey, we're competitive like that. Makes for a strong mother-daughter bond.

Yep, I'm relaxing all right :)

But even with all that activity, I do feel relaxed. Why? Because I'm doing things I like, things I'm passionate about. Except the laundry. I am NOT passionate about laundry. Ever. Laundry aside, it is much more enjoyable to participate in activities you feel strongly about. Positive things create positive feelings and relieves stress.

I think that's why I love reading my Bible. There's so much hope there, so many places to go for encouragement, inspiration and instruction. I'll be spending a lot of time in my Bible this week. I more thing on my "relaxing" schedule. It's much needed though. I need to fill up my spiritual gas tank before I return to Babylon, I mean work :)

How about you? Where is your spiritual gas tank this week? Full? Half Full? Running on empty? Fill up today. All it costs is a little time.

As always, be blessed!!

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Connie Arnold said...

So glad you are having a good week and doing things you are passionate about, Mari! I'm sorry to be missing the Muse Conference but am visiting with daughter and grandsons, being filled in a joyful way! Hope the rest of the week continues to provide you with plenty of spiritual "gas"!