Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just Like Momma

When you were younger did you ever say "I want to be different from my mom or my dad?" I think I said it a few times. Silly me!

Now that I'm a momma, I realize I'm a lot like my mom. When I had a big exam or project, she always stayed up with me. Even though she couldn't help me with Organic Chemistry or Calculus, she never left me alone. She'd always stay up to encourage me, ask me if I thought it would be better to sleep for a while and to make sure I didn't pull all my hair out. LOL

I found myself doing the same thing last night, as I have on several other nights. My oldest beauty had another portfolio (read several mini-projects and worksheets) due. As usual, she had a way to go before she was done. I could not leave her up by herself. I had to stay up. I wasn't going to do the work for her, just like my mom didn't for me, but I could stay up to support and encourage her. So I did.

Just like momma.

She loved me the best way she could in that situation. And I extend that same kind of love to my daughters. And guess what? I'm okay with it. I really don't mind loving them just like momma, because with age and station in life has come wisdom. Thank goodness for that!

What do you look at differently now that you're older or in a different stage or station in life? Think about it and leave a comment :)

As always, be blessed!


Sharon Ball said...

My husband teases me and tells me I'm becoming more and more like my mom. I was blessed with a great mom so thankfully I'm not too bummed (just a little maybe) about being more like my mother.

Connie Arnold said...

Yes, I'm becoming more like my mom, and that's fine with me! And it's fun to see my daughter, who is a mother now, becoming more like me!

Mari said...

Tell your husband it's okay for you to be like your mom! He might want to see if he's becoming more like his dad. LOL

Mari said...

Connie, Thanks for stopping by :) I keep telling my daughters that I'll laugh one day when I hear one of my phrases coming out of theirmouths.