Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Morning Conversation with God

As I sat and looked through my screen, I saw your wonder. Just beyond the tallest tree, I could perceive it. It was as if I was gazing upon a new place, a new world. Red was flowing into a brightness that was neither solely yellow nor white. The intensity of it juxtaposed with the darkness of the early morning clouds announced Your presence. You do not merely say "Good Morning."  Instead you exclaim Your greeting with flare, intensity and beauty. "I am here" does not convey what my heart perceived.

I heard with my eyes and my heart, "I AM! You are my child. Come! Share my beauty. Capture my love for you with your eyes, your heart and your words."

As the sun rose and I continued to look out over the horizon, You wrote a new message.

I could see Your holy mountain there in the distance. Though my mind whispered, "There's no mountain there!", in my heart and soul I perceived it. Yes, it was there, in unparalleled splendor and magnificence. I whispered to You, "One day I will join You on Your mountain. Until then, I will cherish those moments where you speak Your love for me."

Good morning to you too Father God. Thank you for sharing Your beauty. I receive it. I record it. Amen. And Amen.



Dr. Hopelyn said...

What a great way to begin your day... with the Father!

Mari said...

Thanks Hopelyn! It was a fabulous morning :)