Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Are You Listening?

Do you ever find that is you look directly at someone, you can hear them better? It's like your listening skills suddenly improve by just engaging another sense, sight. I thought about this early one morning recently. I had the song, "Listen" by Trin-i-tee 5:7 on my mind. I hadn't heard it recently or anything. But I was reflecting on how I was really hearing God recently. You know..the LOUD and CLEAR kind of hearing. That caused the song came to mind. And of course, because I am strange jumble, I started asking myself what listening meant to me. Why was my "listening" and  subsequently, "hearing" so much better?

It is because my other senses are fully engaged. I'm walking around with my eyes open, really looking for signs and hints. When you seek, you find.  I've been reading the word "looking" for what new thing God wants to show me about that book or verse I feel I know so well or not so well.

I'm also touching. This past year I haven't written much. Over the holidays I realized through a sort bout with a dark period that seemed like depression that I have to write. Writing is what God wired me to do. It's how I connect all the dots He's showing me. It's one way I connect to Him. I need it like air. So I'm touching pen or pencil to paper, fingers to keyboard and God's heart for others with my words.

And I'm speaking. I'm praying. I got away from that during the holidays. Rick's back went out so a lot more stuff fell on my plate to handle. I got so caught up in my own pity party of  "I'm so tired, no one appreciates me, life is so hard, " that I forgot to lean on the One who could sustain me, renew me and carry me through. I hate when I neglect our relationship. Trust me, God never neglects me, but I often Him. Now though, we're back to regular conversations. A girl couldn't be happier.  :)

Listening. Seems so one-dimensional when you say it. But when you do it, I mean really do it, it's very multi-dimensional. So much of you is involved. And it's a sweet experience, be it with God or another person. Being a motor mouth myself, I don't listen enough. But that's changing now. Being an extrovert, I crave interaction. Listening is interactive. Who knew? LOL

My final thought was this: You can't experience the beauty of the conversation or message if you don't hear it. Are you listening?

Be Blessed!


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