Sunday, May 24, 2009

Heartfelt Memorial

Friends, there is so much to say, to catch you up on (I know that's not proper English but indulge me today), but today is not the day for that. I'll be back later this week to do the catching up part, so get your reading glasses ready. LOL

Today I just want to ask you to pray for those in our military. Right now my family and I have a dear friend who is deployed in Iraq. Him and his precious family just returned from an overseas stint. They were relocated to Texas and had a beautiful baby girl in December. And now daddy is away, serving his country. It simply breaks my heart. I love him, his wife, their two sons and their new baby girl like they are blood relatives. I pray for his safety and their care. He simply must return home to us. We haven't seen them in a couple of years. We are overdue for a reunion between both families with all members present! I pray that this prayer falls within God's will for us.

This story is the story of so many in our military. It has been the story of many in our military over the years and through many wars. I cannot fathom how they do what they do for us and for this country. It is a great sacrifice. We can never ever appreciate them enough. We simply can't.

Pray for my friends. Pray for my stepson, who is also a reservist and has himself been deployed several times in the past couple of years. I pray he doesn't have to go again. Yet I know that prayer may not be answered. And it's okay, because in the end, God sits on the throne. He is sovereign. And I trust Him.

Trust Him today with the lives of our troops. Pray for their safety. Pray for them to keep serving with courage and pride. Pray for their families, who are left to try to live without a big hole in their lives. Pray for us civilians, that we appreciate what they do and that we continue to pray. I pray blessings on our soldiers and all who have gone before them. God bless them. And may He bless you as well today.


Runner Mom said...

Hey, sweet friend! I will keep your friends and all of our loved ones in my heart and prayers today. Hope that y'all have a wonderful Memorial Day. Sweet blessings to you!


Laura said...

I am praying for your friends, Mari! This day has such deep sorrow associated with it, but how grateful I am for those who serve. We are so blessed.


Carolina Mama said...

So true. Thanks for sharing this!