Thursday, May 14, 2009

He's Hot

I was sitting in church last night for the last session of a three year marriage class. My husband was running late and was going to come later. Because of that, I took a look toward the door every now and again.

The last time I did that, I saw him walk in. He was wearing a grey shirt. I never got past the shirt. I was newly attracted to him. Nothing special about that shirt mind you. I've seen him in it a million times. But something about him at that moment just struck me afresh. I was thinking and something my daughter would say came to mind ~~ "He's hot!"

The whole thing tickled me. I wonder if my table mates saw my little smile. It was a smile to God. "Thanks God. You are just so amazing. And your sense of humor-I get it tonight." It was a smile for my husband, because after 18 years together, he can still stir my heart and my hormones. LOL It was a smile for myself. I can store this moment in my memory and pull it out on those "not so great" marriage days.

I love that God can take something that seems so common place to us and give us a new perspective on it. What things have you been taking for granted? What has become common place to you? Ask God to give you a fresh perspective. Ask him to let you see with new eyes, His eyes even. My prayer for you is that you ask it, receive it and appreciate it.

I leave you with a verse from Song of Solomon. It reminds me of how I felt last night. If you've never read this book of the Bible, be forewarned. It's a hot number, like my husband! LOL
Read on, ponder it and as always......Be blessed!

"Awake, north wind! Rise up, south wind! Blow on my garden and spread its fragrance all around. Come into your garden, my love; taste its finest fruits." Song of Solomon 4:16 (NLT)


Christy said...

What a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing. :)

Mari said...


Thanks for commenting! I saw you've been married three years. What an awesome journey is ahead of you . I wish you renewed love and attraction years down the road! It's a wonderful feeling!

Audra Krell said...

Aw Mari, this brought tears to my eyes. How beautiful.
I have studied the Song of Solomon in a ladies study. Wow, is that a steamy book! I encourage you to keep tending to your husbands garden, continuing to make it a welcoming place of renewal and unending love.
My husband and I have been married 16 years and together for 23. He still gets to me....and I pray he always will.

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Mari said...

Thanks for commenting Audra. Yes, Song of Solomon is steamy! Who needs Harlequin books? LOL And I love that you've been with your husband 23 years and he too still stirs you. That's how it should be! Blessings to you and him!

Mari said...

Thanks for commenting on my post. I appreciate the encouragement. Will also stop by your blog. Blessings to you!.

conarnold said...

Thanks for sharing this post and the reminder to not take things for granted and find a new perspective. I've been married twice as long as you, but through God's grace the love and attraction remains strong in our marriage!

Sharon Ball said...

Now that's what I call keeping the passion alive. I love moments like you described. What a blessing to feel that way about our husbands. I used to take having the hots for my husband for granted, but I don't anymore.

Leebird said...

I had a little momma momentn last night courtesy of my Jacob. He tried to call me when I was in class, so I texted him reminding him I was in class. He replied "K." Normally, that would have been the end, but suddenly, another text popped up. "I love you." Don't think he's ever texted me that before! My heart softened to mush as I replied back, "I love you, sweet son."