Monday, June 8, 2009

My New Favorite Thing

A couple months back, I stopped washing my two beauties' clothes. Except the whites. I still do those, because, well I want them to stay white. LOL So of course with giving up (gladly) that activity came extra hands and bodies using the laundry closet.

And then came the "how much of this do I use again" questions. This was supposed to reduce my stress, not add to it. This was a good thing right? You know teaching responsibility. Preparing them for the future. And all that jazz.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I found the jazz, the new favorite thing. And yes it's used in the laundry closet.

I absolutely *ADORE* these! The one sheet has everything in it the two beauties need to wash and dry their clothes. Laundry detergent? In there. Fabric Softener? In there. Anti-static? In there. No more questions about how much laundry detergent to use. The answer, which they provide for themselves is --- one sheet. How much fabric softener? One sheet.

They actually *want* to wash their clothes now. I actually have no mess to look at or clean up in the laundry closet. If you haven't tried them, try them. Simple. Easy. Did I mention that it's eco-friendly in that instead of all those bottles and boxes, you buy the refills and they just go into the original little compact dispenser? Simple. Easy. My new favorite thing.

If you want to know more, stop by to get more info and watch a cool demo. And since I am such a cheapskate, I mean frugal, I'll advise you to print the coupons too. Thank you Purex. You rock!


Carolina Mama said...

Nice Mari! We're in love with the Purex 3in-1!

Sarah said...

I have been wanting to try those! I hate those bottles cluttering up my cabinet!