Monday, August 3, 2009

WOW! Just wow!

Another year of She Speaks has come and gone. Last year was exciting and life changing for me. This year? Oh. Oh. OH! This year eclipses last year by light years. To give you an inkling of how significant that statement here, here and here.

This post was going to begin to unpack this years conference and it is going to sort of do that. It's just that as I was looking at my last post in June about She Speaks, something big, beautiful and GOD-sized happened. And I must share it before I post anything else about She Speaks.

This year, as they did last year, the staff at Proverbs 31 put the names of all the attendees on strips of paper. They prayed over every name. That is incredible in and of itself. However, it didn't stop there. Those strips were then taken to the prayer room, where the names of God were listed on beautiful full pieces of paper. Each woman's name was then prayerfully placed on the name of God that was appropriate for her at this point in her life. That's powerful.

So each lady went to the prayer room to locate her name and her name of God. is the part that gives me goosebumps and made me cry!

Last year my name was on El Shaddai, God Almighty. This year it was on YAH or I AM.

Now let me connect the dots for you. Three years ago, God, He burned Genesis 17:1 into my heart and told me to live by it forevermore. If you are not familiar with that verse, it is this:

"I am God Almighty, walk before Me and be blameless."

So this new life verse that God gave me has been confirmed to me not once but twice in the prayers of the Proverbs 31 staff.

I. am. undone.


Brittney said...

Great to meet you Mari! I can't wait to get together and scope out the book section at Family Christian Stores together! You are a blessing and I look forward to getting to know you better. Are there any more details about your new books here on your blog?

Shannon said...

I have tears in my eyes, Mari! That is so amazing. The name of God assigned to me in the prayer room brought me to my knees too. I am speechless! God is great :)

Lisa B @ simply His said...

This is awesome! I went back and read my She Speaks posts from last year too -- kinda wish I would have read them before I went too. I wrote good last year :D

This year totally blew me away. I'm thankful to meet you and have some good laughs. We'll definitely car pool or rent a bus next year :D

Runner Mom said...

Hey, Mari! This was great! I love how HE works in such amazing ways.

It was so so good to see you this weekend. We do need to put the ball rolling towards something after Christmas!! I love the beach!!

Tell your family "hey!" for me!And, thank you again for the yummy prize that I won!! How fun!!


Sarah said...

Awesome! I also was amazed by the conference. This was my first time and I hope to come back. I'm sad I didn't get to meet you though (I'm s2r4 on Twitter).

Sharon Ball said...

Wooowwwww!!! Is God amazing or what? It blows my mind to think of how much he must love us to go through such lengths to encourage us and love on us. Ummm...doesn't His love feel wonderful!

Rachel Olsen said...

Wow - too good for words!

Smiles ~ Rachel

LauraLee Shaw said...

Awesome! I enjoyed getting to know you so much! That prayer room was absolutely filled with the aroma of Christ.

Wendy said...


I'm typing with teary eyes. How awesome! God is faithful to come and P31 gives us the perfect place to meet Him in that prayer room. I, too, had a lovely experience there and I'll be sharing it tomorrow...stop by if you get a chance!

Sweet blessings.

Renee Swope said...

WOW girl. That is such an amazing story of God piecing together the Words He has for you. I love when He works in ways that we know man never could. He knows you by name and He loves you girl!

I am so glad we at least got to hug but I do wish we could have visited a little more.

Keep telling His story!


Pamela (His maidservant) said...

Hey friend! I so wish I could have gone. I do love how those confirmations work out like that. do share more of the conference and bless those of us who were not there.

Miss you!!

In his Graces~Pamela

Jill said...


It was good to meet you at dinner Friday and see you periodically throughout She Speaks.

When I went to the Prayer Room Saturday, I found my name on Jehovah Rapha, the God who heals. This particular name of God's has resonated with me since I studied it a number of years ago. I've needed (and still need) much healing in my life and it was such a blessing to have Him remind me that He will continue His healing.

I, too, was undone.