Monday, November 15, 2010

My New Normal

This week marks the start of my "new normal".  I resigned from my old job 5 weeks ago. I flew out to Salt Lake City, Utah for new hire training for my new job. My mom flew out here to help my husband with the girls while I was gone. Sorry, but he's just not a good homework taskmaster. My mom is a master at it! I learned from the best. And he won't cook two dinners every night either to accommodate our vegetarian daughter. But mom would.

When I returned from new hire training, my mom, my husband and I setup my "office". You see, I'm now working from home everyday. Mom stuck around for a week to ease my transition. Let me tell you, I loved not having to cook or clean for a week. Well actually it was two weeks if you include my week in Salt Lake! I love that woman. I wonder if she'll let me rent her out? My friends keep begging me! LOL

Mom left on Saturday. And so began my new normal. This is my first week working from home with no one else in the house during the day. It was kinda weird today. Working from home is quite different than I expected. But I enjoy it. I do miss all my friends from the old job. Thank goodness for IM and Skype! I'll have to make time to join them for lunch very soon.

I've had to start leaving notes downstairs that read, "Quiet, I'm on a conference call!" so the girls don't walk in and yell, "MOOOOM!". My girls love having me physically here when they get home. I think I'm like Linus' safety blanket to them. You know what? I'm good with that.

I'm rediscovering working while listening to music, because my house is just too quiet during the day. I'm used to loud laughter, loud conference calls and well you know, noise! I used to only listen when I was upset or frustrated and needed something to soothe my nerves. Now I listen for fun and comfort.

Despite the adjustments I have to make, I don't think I'd trade this for the world. I love the new company.  It differs greatly from my old company. Thank goodness! The new company has high expectations of me but you know what? I'm okay with it. They aren't unrealistic expectations.

I'm looking forward to adapting to the new normal that is now my life. I don't always love change. It's often difficult and scary. But sometimes change is good. In my life, this time around, change is great!

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