Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I started a new job in November. It is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Have you ever been to Salt Lake City? What a beautiful place. I might be a bit partial because you can see mountains everywhere you go. And I love me some mountains. Love. Them.

I was in Salt Lake a couple of weeks for training. Usually I despise traveling for work. However, I don't mind so much going out there. You know, the mountains are there :) The hotel my company uses has the best views of the mountains. This last time I was on the 14th floor. Did it ever offer a view.

I awoke early the first full day there for the sunrise. I just love how beautiful it is watching the city and the mountains come into view. When I pulled open the curtains and looked to my left, I gasped. The snowcapped mountains were breathtaking. Tears came to my eyes as I marveled at the artistry of God. That view reminded me to reconnect with Him. It reminded me to ask Him to let me see His work in the day to day mundane details of my life, as well as the special glorious moments like the one I was in.

This picture does no justice to seeing it in person!

God is the Creator of the universe. Every once in a while, He shows me in a big way. Like that morning. At other times, it's not a grand gesture but something simple like my daugher singing "Jesus Take The Wheel" when I start to verbalize a worry. Either way, He reminds me of His presence. I treasure that. Look for Him today. Ask Him to reveal Himself. He won't disappoint.

As always......Be Blessed


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