Thursday, July 3, 2008


My morning got off to a Monday start. Yes I know it's Thursday but it sure felt like Monday. Let me start by saying my two beauties are on vacation. That means they often go to bed after mom and dad have already gladly shut their eyes. When I awakened this morning, my kitchen was a disaster. My living room looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a month. I'm not a neat freak but this was beyond even my comfort zone. I didn't even bother to wake the sleeping beauties. I cleaned the kitchen before I left for work. Did I mention I was late for work this morning? I left chore lists for each of them because I don't plan on going home to a messy house that they created. No way Jose!

I was hoping work would not be in the same state as my house. NOT. I work for a software company. We just put out a "patch". Somehow a critical file was "forgotten".

"Can you manually upload it to the clients who've already installed it?" they asked me. ARE YOU JOKING ME!?!? I don't even know who they all are!

So I was like okay Lord, is this a test of "if you squeeze Mari what will come out?" Because if it is, I sure hope whatever area you're squeezing is one where the Holy Spirit is flowing freely. Otherwise what comes out might rival fake poo, know what I mean?

Can I tell you God is so good? I thought I'd hop on over to my She Speaks buddy Pam's blog to see if she posted some inspiration yet. And I got a surprise! She's sending me hugs today. Ladies (and gent if my hubby is reading), I cried tears of joy. How precious is she? I feel so blessed and humbled. Furthermore Pam has the most beautiful poem on her blog today. Made me feel doubly blessed :) What a turnaround to my morning.

So the point in all this is: God took lemons and made lemonade. I know, I know it's cliche but hey it's going to be 93 here today! A girl can use a glass of lemonade to combat the H twins, heat and humidity.

This was the Lord's doing; It is marvelous in our eyes. This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:23-24


tiggerdaisy said...

Hugs and kisses! I love your are a breath of fresh air!

Have a blessed day!


Laurie Ann said...

I loved your post. So honest and refreshing. Hope your day goes well and that your house has some order in it when you get home, LOL. I remember when my bonus daughter was growing up, oh my stars! She could make an immaculate room look like an F-3 tornado had just blown threw in under 8 hours. How do they do that?

Michelle said...

I'm visiting from Pam's blog, and I'll be back. I'm doing Lelia's study also, and I love Mary DeMuth's blogs. Hope your day keeps improving, and you have a wonderful weekend filled with blessings.

Kelley said...

I am popping over from Pam's blog to give you a cyber-hug! Sorry your day hasn't been the greatest but there is always tomorrow, and it is a holiday :) Have a good one and consider yourself hugged!!

Pamela (MrsJoeB) said...

Girlfriend (my daughters hate t when I say that)-I thought of you this morning and though I don't have a huge following on my blog each day I remember what it was like starting out. Your have a big heart for God and others need to know you!!

Have a wonderful day!!

In His Graces~Pamela

Sheryl said...

came over for a visit from pam's blog. it sounds like your day starts like most of mine. "who has been in my house overnight pulling out everything we own?"
glad pam sent me here, i'll be back often.

Micca said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog with your encoruagement. I've enjoyed reading yours. I really liked your post about the names of God!
And since I love to hug and you need one...i'm sending the biggest one I can your way!! I hope your day brightens!