Monday, July 28, 2008

Faith Zone Challenge #5

Challenge 5 (Sunday....and beyond):

Challenge #5: Take an extravagant LEAP OF FAITH - embrace the call that God has impressed upon your heart. Listen to the right voice, and forget the excuses.

This one threw me for a loop. Here is my little story as to why.

God had placed three things on my heart. I am sad to report that I have been like Jonah about them. One was given to me two years ago and I just never got off my duff to do anything about it. One was spoken to me at She Speaks and the other just last week. So Saturday night I prayed for God to send me a flashing neon sign about the three things I know He has called me to.

One is a book He placed on my heart to write . It's not what I would have thought of for a first book, but He's been very clear. He gave me this idea at She Speaks during Bill Jensen's class. He was taking about books that get published because they are timely for something going on in the culture or a big event that has just occurred. To make sure I knew He wasn't kidding about it, God orchestrated a situation where there was a question on a writers group this past week asking if our Work In Progress was addressing any timely events. When I responded to the question with details about what this book would be and the format, I got several emails back saying "Hurry and get that proposal shopped around. It is so needed. " One email was from the panelist who posed the question. You would think I'd have said Okay Lord by now. But no, no, I was determined to be Jonah. Here God was giving me back the dream I has laid on the altar at She Speaks and I was refusing it because it "looked different" than what I had placed there.

Another thing He placed on my heart is a relationship tool for moms and tween/teen daughters. This was the idea I received from Him last week. Again my Jonah attitude said " Lord, my relationship with my own tween and teen daughters could use some work. I'm not sure I'm the right one for this God. Surely no one is going to listen to me on this one."

The final thing is a prayer ministry in our church for our Middle School and High School girls. This is the one that I haven't moved on in two years. It is so dear to my heart but I've been paralyzed by fear. "Well, they are going to ask me to write up a plan. I'm not sure how it should look, so how can I write a plan? What if it fails? What if I heard God wrong or misunderstood in some way? What if it goes too well and gets too big for me? Then what?" Focusing on me instead of on God, that's what I was doing. I have let the enemy engulf me in a spirit of fear about this.

So for the last week God has really been after me that He needs me to get moving on these. I've was saying "Lord surely You are joking. I have two kids. I work full-time. I have a husband. I'm involved in ministry at church. Where in the world would I find time? How could all this happen in my one life? Perhaps I heard you wrong. Perhaps You meant one of these things and not all three." So I asked for a flashing neon sign that He meant all three. If He did, I'd quit being Jonah and do as he has asked. WARNING: Never, and I mean never, ask for this if you don't really mean it.

Sunday morning dawned and I looked on Tracie's website. The challenge was up - "embrace the call God has placed on your life." WHAT?! I was dumbfounded. As if that wasn't enough, in my quiet time, it was about, guess what, having faith. My bible study was talking about believing God for your calling, knowing HE can do it through you.

So with those three flashing neon signs, God finally had me. All I can say now is "Lead me Lord"

May you respond "Lead me Lord" in whatever He has called you to do!

Stop by tomorrow for Yes to God Tuesday! Love and blessings to you all!


Leebird said...

Wow, Mari...looks like God has big plans for you this year! I will say, though, be careful. If God is truly calling you to do all three of those things, He may tell you to drop some of the other things. Well, you can't drop your hubby, your home, and your just keep your heart ears open to His still, small voice. He will guide You and give you a complete peace and assurance of what to do. He is so faithful! I am so tickled to be around to watch it all happen! Love, Lee

Carole said...


If the Lord leads you to it, He will lead you through it! Take tiny steps until you feel that you have it figured out. You will find that everything dear to your heart will fall in place. Your family may play a prime part in your planning and carrying out God's will in this project. Tiny steps, the Lord will lead the way. Bless you as you find your way through it all. You will do just fine. The Lord knows what He is doing. Just let Him lead the way. LOve, Carole

Amy said...

I also have promises from God that I have been waiting on, plus He has been after me about writing a book.....I have been very Jonah like about that one...I have argued with Him for years about it. I have finally accepted that He wants me to write a book, now I am in the process of waiting to understand what exactly the book is supposed to be about.:)

The promises are things He will do, but this book thing I know He wants my participation....I pray that I will get my sign and understand it and obey it.....Because I do not want to sit in the belly of a whale for three days only to be vomited onto dry land, amen?:)

God Bless,

P.S. I'm looking forward to seeing your book come to life...Then maybe you can help me.:)