Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yes to God Tuesdays - Chapter 3 God Has a Plan

Yes, it's Tuesday. Time for some toe therapy (as in Lysa stepping on them the en-t-tire chapter).

Let's start with the title. Mari has a plan. Nope girlie, that is is *not* what it says. It says God has a plan. And how often am I running with what's in my head. By the way, God didn't put it there. I'm just running with it because, hey, it seems like a good plan to me. NOT!

So what is God's plan? Lysa states it so eloquently. "His ultimate goal is to grow us to be more and more like His Son, who had incredible faith" I want to have incredible faith. But to do that I have to conform to God's plan, not Mari's plan. I can truly relate to this statement by Lysa: "So I'd tried to force my dream to come true with my own formula, and it failed miserably." Yes Lysa I know how you feel. I've been there far far too often. I pray that I never go it on my own again. I don't really like miserable or miserably.

Lysa wrote "God was calling me to simply lay my desire to write a book on the altar." I've been there too. It was before She Speaks. I had every intention of having an publisher appointment. But God told me to wait. It was hard. I was heartbroken. I wanted so badly to whine "But whyyyyyy?" However I had been in His Word more than I had been in a while. I was in a more intimate place with Him. I knew He was right. I couldn't whine because "God has the perfect plan." Was it easy? No. It was even harder as I watched others leave for their publisher appointments. But a funny thing happened. I was at peace by Saturday night. I laid it at the foot of the cross (thank you Renee) and I was at peace. God doesn't want to hurt me. I could be happy for those women who had proposals accepted and sad with those who did not. God will do whatever is best in regards to the book. Meantime, I'll just trust Him with what I lay on the altar.

Four other quotes from Lysa that truly touched me are as follows:

"God has a ministry assignment for you, and He wants you to join Him."
"They are His words on loan to us from Him"
"Commit to leave your agenda behind, take God's hand, and hold on tight...the journey has just begun."
"Blessed are the transparent, for they shall be used by God in a mighty way!"

I'll just write those on note cards and keep them with me at all times. Thanks Lysa!!

I'll share one last thing. It's very personal but "Blessed are the transparent, for they shall be used by God in a mighty way!" Lysa said that "God has placed you exactly where you are according to His purposes." She told us to commit to not dwelling on how people like our parents, sisters, husbands and children have let us down. She also told us to "thank God for using the people in your family to help shape and mold you for your calling." So I wrote "a little" something.

Father God,

Though my children challenge me and often times bring me to tears, I thank you that they also send me to my knees in search of You. You comfort me, scold me, love me, instruct me and send me forth in Your strength. How can I complain about so wonderful a gift? Lord, my husband, though not perfect is perfect for me. You allow him to surprise me with his wisdom, tickle me with his wit, and woo me with his passion. When those same things get under my skin and push the wrong buttons, it is You I run to. You catch my tears, surround me with Your love, show me the error of my ways, nudge me to forgive, instruct me and fill me with love to pour back into that same man's life. You do the same types of things with my mom, my siblings, co-workers and friends. What I pray is that when I am the culprit, that they also turn to You. I know You provide the same love and care to them, which they return to me. Thank You for growing me through the people you've placed in my life. Help me to more frequently see how crucial they are to me and to my faith. You are so knowledgeable and wise Lord God. I praise You for being omnipotent. Giving You all the honor and praise in my Savior's name.

Love Mari (Abigail <----see previous post)

P.S. Stop by Lelia's blog for more on this fabulous toe-stomping study


Jill said...

I applaud you for your obedience. It's wonderful to see examples of the very thing God calls us to do, thanks for sharing, Jill

Yolanda said...

This is beautiful and your prayer was so inspiring and touching.

God HAS a plan, the very BEST plan for you and I. Let's soak in that for awhile.


Had you been to She Speaks before?


Runner Mom said...

Abigail! Loved your post,girlfriend. Thanks for being so transparent in your writing. I loved what you pulled form the Bible study with the statements that you're going to write on index cards and keep with you. I may join you...I need them as well.

You are a wonderful writer. God is letting you glorify HIM now through your blog..it's a great tool to reach so many people!

Love ya! Susan

Laura said...

What a great chapter, huh? A lesson I need to review every day!! Leaving behind my plans is so difficult, even though I know His are much better. I loved your prayer and it is filled with so many truths. Thank you for sharing.

Sandra said...

A beautiful prayer indeed. Lot's of toe-stepping in this chapter.


Lelia Chealey said...

This was great Abby! ;)
I loved how you were obedient to what GOD has for you at the conference. Awesome!!!
Always leave your blog so blessed.